Everybody is talking about it. Now, what really is fulfillment, and why has its popularity soared during the last decade?

Fulfillment is the answer to your search for cost-reduction strategies that simultaneously leverage efficiency in all its stages and takes out of the equation worrying about inventory management and questioning yourself if you have enough capacity to grow. It is an umbrella of processes that initiates with notification of a customer´s request and morphs into preparing and delivering an order in the promised period, accurately.

Although fulfillment is a simple model, it involves various elements that make it possible to exist a current flow of information and products throughout your supply chain. Does it make sense to outsource your Fulfillment? Before many large and fast-paced companies had centralized efforts to maintain their capacity to fulfill their own orders, but as demand scales, they have shifted to outsource, and now smaller businesses, such as successful startups have decided to integrate this model into their logistics operations discovering short and long term benefits!

As new needs of companies have surged to achieve competitive-edge operations, Fulfillment has been shaped into warehousing services, Packing, Labeling the order for shipment, Shipping, digital integration, processing returns, and much more!

What should you consider to evaluate if your fulfillment needs aren’t being met?

Time! If all efforts are being made to get an order out the door and yet, still it´s not accomplished. It´s time to look for a specialized fulfillment partner.

Space! Could you use your warehousing space as a more valuable asset for your company? You have the answer, and if it’s yes, count on us!

Your fulfillment process should be an investment to profitable results. To which our experts can assess the ideal and profitable structure for your business. Talk to us today, reach your next fulfillment milestone with newfound capacity! Discover the efficiency of G-fulfillment! Contact us here!

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